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A reminder

Autumn is a time for learning and discoveries


Although busier than ever, a part of me really, really wants to slow down, stay indoors, curl up on the sofa with a good book and a big cup of coffee and just read, read, read. Years and years ago i remember reading "Gone with the wind" in just a couple of days ....the whole world around me disappeared in a blur ...... the only thing that mattered was my book! 

I remember looking outside the window and seeing big snow flakes falling on the ground ... layers after layers ... ... i remember the smell of the snow .... .. i quite miss it ... I miss the Romanian snow ... the disruption is was causing .... :) ........the long walks in the snow .... the cold weather ... the white roads ... 

Autumn and winter ... a time for active hibernation. :) 

I also remember starting all sorts of courses in the autumn .... Spanish classes, coaching, Arabic classes, writing classes , solution focused psychotherapy ....

Luckily enough my passion for arts, the mystery of the human mind and my increased involvement in the topics means learning is an on going process ...

The challenge I set myself this season is  to create a self exploration and healing e course  ..... through art, confidence guidance, writing and books......connecting with the child within.  The main ingredient will be curiosity and a solution focused approach to any limiting beliefs that might stay in the way.  




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