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Intuitive painting workshop on September 1st - postponed

About childhood, fear and intuitive painting


“The sad, strange, unfortunate, dysfunctional part of life is that, as adults, most of us are still trying to survive childhood.” - Cheri Huber 

 I quite liked this quote that I found earlier today in “Be the person you want to find” by Cheri Huber. 

 Is this a self help book? Yes and no.  Cheri Huber teaches at “A Center for the practice of Zen Buddhist Meditation in Mountain View, California and wrote quite a few books covering various topics connected to self discovery, relationships, meditation, happiness and much more. 

Her teachings are very much tailored to helping us all see through our own issues and be free of our conditioned responses to life. Once we become aware of our conditioning, positive changes can happen, thoughts can be transformed, inner talks changed and we can start the process of freeing ourselves from the things we’ve learned as kids and just let them go. 

 Intuitive painting is very much a mirror of what you’ve been taught to believe in your early life. Approaching the white piece of paper can be as daunting as going to an interview, as committing to a relationship, as having a child, as facing a new challenge ... the common thread is .. fear ... apprehension ... anxiety.

 Art is a great teacher really. It is a way of becoming aware of our own emotions, our own beliefs, our own barriers ... When one becomes aware ... things can change ... and action replaces .. the state of panic ... after all it is all about ... feeling the fear and doing it anyway. 




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