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About almond bread and the joy of experimentation


Almond bread

 Before diving into the story of the almond bread  ... take a moment to think about what you are grafeful for today. Just ... take a break and think about the first 3 things that come to your mind. And find 3 more. So many times we go through the days with a dark cloud hanging on top of our heads ..... in a "mist" of things that we HAVE, MUST, SHOULD do ... and we miss the things that we WANT, WOULD LIKE TO, ARE HAPPY TO ... do and experience. Or better said ... we just stop even noticing the good things because of the ... cloud. 


Lovely Elke chopping 2 handful of almonds

For me ... the almond bread that my friend Anna taught me and Elke how to make is one such moment that i am very grateful for. (Anna, Elke and myself ... are leading monthly events in Eastbourne, called Awareness Spa Miniretreats). 


Anna .. ready to share her talent with us ... as always .. smiling, smiling!

So, we are talking about bread ... something my grandmothers surely were baking every day following old and well tested recipes ... in clay stoves ... in the middle of nowhere, in tiny, tiny villages so far away from where I am now. Today, I felt somehow connected to them ... in a loving exchange of cooking joy. 

But it's time to share with you the ingredients: 

500 g plain flower

a pinch of salt

70 g almond powder and 2 handful of almonds (to be chopped)

300 ml almond milk

2Tbsp baking powder 


Pour the almond milk in the plain flower. Add chopped almonds, powder almonds, salt and baking powder

You are almost there really! 


Mix it nicely! :)

Now it's time to add a bit of love and positive vibes. My grandmother used to say that love is the main ingredient when you cook ... and without it .. the food is not that tasty. So ... 


Baking tray, baking paper ... create the shape of a bread out of the dough and make a cut in the middle!

Heat up the stove up to 220 degrees and ... there you are .. time to put the bread in the oven, pour yourself a glass of Cava, grab a holiday book (i'm reading now a novel by Barbara Nadel) and ....yes put your feet up for the next 30-35 minutes. 


And ...... voila! Ready!



Ready to eat!

Given that the bread has no preservatives it needs to be consumed in 2 days or .. you can cut it in slides and put some in the freezer.


Hmm what else can I say other then it was lovely to share the bread and the plum jam with friends.....the taste was divine, plenty of giggles and lots of creative moments. (i'll share with you how this special jam from the Plum Village in France came to us via Anna in a different entry)  

Try and bake the bread my darlings. Experiment! 








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