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I have to admit that living in a small community is a completely different kettle of fish from living in a large town or city. For most of my life I lived in a capital city far away where I learned to adapt to, and embrace, what life had to offer there. Now, after seven years and happily settled in Eastbourne, I realise that it takes a long time to understand the way things work in your new community. Obvious to most I suppose. 



I would listen to stories about village flower shows, where proud members of the local community would display their best flowers, mile long runner beans, huge turnips and home made cakes, always with a smile and a steely determination to beat the person who won last year!

It seemed fascinating, but another world to me...until I experienced them and came to recognise another important aspect of what it means to be a member of a community.

So here I was this weekend, taking part in two local events, promoting........ The Awareness Spa Mini Retreats, a monthly event organised by me, in my town, with two other lovely wellbeing practitioners .... Anna Hoffmann and Elke Pollard. 


What I have come to realise is that such events attract like minded people terms of exhibitors and visitors. But what is also clear to me is the real challenge that all organisers have in attracting visitors who have other interests, in advertising such events in places that matter -without the support of the local media. 


Maybe one day I will understand why local community media seems to be so indifferent to supporting such community events. The events may be boring to them, the tenth year of that event, the sixth month in a row for this event, the way out on the fringe of that gathering - but to the organisers and to the visitors the events are about connecting people and building a stronger community. I now buy into that and feel qualified to stand up for it.


Anyway, I hope that you enjoy a selection of photos from our two events ......and we also hope to see some of you in our mini retreats and workshops in the future. Everyone who has come so far has said that they enjoy the experience. And happiness and human contact is what we all love.


Love and light!  


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