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The need for yellow and Hailsham Festival of Arts and Culture

IMG_2338It's another grey, rainy spring day. The beautiful yellow dafoddils on my table are the only clear sign that spring is sort of here

In my country March 1st is the first spring day...... the weather is usually getting warmer, tiny snow drops show their heads and populate the parks of Bucharest.


Here we've had snow just a few days ago! It looked as if Christmas was knocking at the door again. 

But, knowing that I had a meeting arranged way in advance filled me with joy and I found myself humming happily .......while driving to Hailsham ... it was a big day for me as .. yes it was the first time I was taking the "scary" drive on my own to the town of Hailsham  ... I'm laughing of course but you see .. we all have barriers, things that fill us with fear .........and driving outside Eastbourne on my own was one such thing ... but hurray, hurray ... I did it today and it was perfectly OK! 

I don't know about your countries but arts festivals are so popular in England! One of the things that I've noticed is how  they bring together many enthusiasts, of various ages, professions,  passionate about art, about culture, about sharing this with and within their communities. 

This year, I'm delighted to join the Hailsham Festival of Arts and Culture  organising committee, meeting new people and using my skills for the benefit of arts! 

 The fact that the committee meets at Chapter 12, a coquette coffee shop/ wine bar is an absolute winner for me. It really reminds me of Harpenden and my beloved Slug and Lettuce, a place that marked the beginning of my life in England, the place where I made my first friends and was introduced to the British way of life. 

Hailsham definitely needed such a coffee shop as it really is quite boring going again and again to Costa, however reliable (and thank goodness they exist) ... good to see competition is coming to town!

Much to my delight the committee meeting was really productive and  people were genuinely interested to put together a great experience for the visitors of the festival in September 2013. And let me tell you ... there are so many delicious surprises lined up ... can't tell you more ... it's a secret!

On my way back to Eastbourne, the grey weather, the rain, the hills made me desperately crave ....yes crave ... a colour .. yellow, intense yellow, and orange.

So, cooking came to my mind and a great recipe I was planning to try in a few days time ....  pumpkin curry ... planning ....... hmmmm not quite my favourite word so ...... I've decided to forget about planning, listen to my intuition and cook the lovely pumpkin today ... the rich, spicy smell is all around the kitchen .. a great promise for my taste buds a bit later ... 





If you would like to try something yummy and oh so so so delicious and easy to cook,  follow the recipe below .. and of course be inventive .. replace ingredients ... make your own recipe!






Pumpkin Curry

(with basmati rice)


1tbsp mustard seeds 

a few curry leaves (not mandatory) 

2 onions (1 red but it's not mandatory)

1 Tbsp of sunflower oil

2tbsp mild curry powder (hmmm if you like your curry super spicy use the hot curry powder)

1Tbsp garam masala

500g pumpkin or butternut squash flesh cut into small sizes

400 g can chopped tomatoes

200 ml coconut milk

salt and pepper

chopped coriander


Add the oil in a frying pan, followed by the mustard seeds, curry leaves,  onions and stir - fry a few minutes.  

Add the curry powder, pumpkin and tomatoes and fry over a high heat for 5 minutes. Stir in the coconut milk and bring to boil. Add the coriander and garam masala and allow it to simmer until the pumpkin is tender. It might take about 20+ minutes. Just check it out from time to town.

Eat it with rice and ... enjoy .. enjoy!  



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