Becoming Picasso - exhibition at the Courtauld Gallery
The Royal Watercolour Society, The Royal Academy of Arts and Manet

Manet - "Portraying Life" exhibition at the Royal Academy of Arts, Tate modern and more

PhotoWinter days can be long, dark and gloomy. At least this is the way they are most of the time in England. One has the feeling that a crocodile ate the sun at the end of October - and ran away with it somewhere ... far, far away ..... 

This is when we all need to do something to help us brighten up our days. For me a trip to London does the trick especially when my destination includes several galleries or/and museums.




There is something magical about getting to the station, buying a cup of coffee, taking a couple of books from my bag and relaxing for the next 90 minutes, anticipating the lovely places I'm going to go to during the next few hours. 

Although the Manet exhibition was clearly on the books we decided to detour a bit and visit Tate Modern first .. to see what's going on especially because of the chance to walk again on the South Bank, something I always do with joy. It's always quite a spectacle, the river boats and barges, the diversity of handsome buildings (the architecture belonging to a time when the minimalist trend was not yet on the map), the jogging afficionados wrapped up in their own rhythm and music, the grey yet colourful human "standing statues" and so much more. There is always something going on! 


So, Tate Modern ... what makes me smile first are the rows of birch trees, delicate and somehow shy, promising soft experiences while inside the museum. But soft is not how I would describe Tate Modern in general. As everywhere there are some areas where one doesn't need to pay and can visit the pieces belonging to the museum and there are also one off exhibitions. This time one was offered two events : "A bigger splash - painting after performance" showing key paintings by Jackson Pollock and David Hockney (open until April 1st, 2013) and "Roy Lichtenstein: a perspective" a full scale retrospective of an iconic artist who's works are based on comic strips and advertising imagery.

By far the most memorable moment for me was Jackson Pollock's painting displayed right on the floor and the "making off" movie showing the development of this piece. 




Constantin Brancusi - The fish


It is always exciting to visit the "Collections", to reconnect with those I love and am inspired by ... Henri Matisse,  Constantin Brancusi , Natalia Goncharova, Modigliani and more. This time I was very impressed with Gerhard Richter's work ... the size, the techniques, the colour combination, the layering ... I felt quite comfortable with his work and he is definitely an artist I would like to know more about and explore. 

Gerhard Richter




But now it's time for a short break, another cup of coffee and more stories about  ... a day in London! 


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