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A walk near the sea and a delicious fruit pie

Whenever the sun appears in Eastbourne during the winter there is only one thing to do ..... get dressed quickly and rush outside, take advantage of it. But actually I don't want to write about the sea or the strong wind, or the frozen hands or the sense of relief I experienced when I saw "The Beach Deck" cafe in front of me.

A coffee, something sweet, a book, a journal and a few joyful couple of hours went in a flash. It was so easy to loose myself in "The art of dreams" by Daniel Marchesseau, a book about Chagall and his incredibly imaginative paintings.

While reading about his life in Russia, I was reminded of a delicious fruit pie that my aunt used to bake for me years and years ago.

And somehow I felt the need to make it today.... strange especially because I don t usually cook deserts ..Why? Hmmm it's a combination between "Cooking deserts is too difficult" and "deserts are fattening" which usually stop me from experimenting with cakes.

Anyway a few hours later I found myself baking a fruit pie, remembering long walks in Puskin a coquette town near Sankt Peterburg, remembering the strong "smoked fish" smell in the special outside storage areas called "Sarai" and much more.

So if you want to cook something sweet, easy to make, not that fattening and delicious ... here is the recipe.

500 g summer berries
1tsp cinnamon
2 star anise
juice from 1 orange
3 Tbsp sugar or agave syrup
Puff pastry

Put the fruits in a bowl, add cinnamon, star anise, orange juice, sugar/agave syrup. Toss them around with a wooden spoon and add them to a baking dish. Roll the puff pastry on top, sprinkle with a bit of sugar and thats it. You re almost done.

Bake in the oven for 25 minutes at 200 degrees Celsius.

Enjoy it with ice cream or yogurt!

Bon appetit!

A walk near the sea and a delicious fruit pie

A walk near the sea and a delicious fruit pie

A walk near the sea and a delicious fruit pie


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