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Hashim Akib and an art demonstration to remember

The more I live in Eastbourne, the more I discover interesting activities and groups that I can get involved with.

Much to my delight I was invited to attend a painting demonstration this Friday, something I never took part in before, so I definitely grabbed the opportunity.

My intuition was right and I ended up learning about a new artist, Hashim Akib, learned about what a painting demonstration is all about, was introduced to some fabulous brushes manufactured by Liquitex. ..... and do much more!

Hashim(Hash) paints very quickly, with strong brush strokes and although he has a photo as an inspiration I feel that he is an intuitive painter.

Meeting an artist who is able to make a living our of his art and art related activities is always interesting and inspiring. Have a look at his website ....enjoy the colours and the non conventional approach of his subjects.

The event was organised by "The Society of Eastbourne Artists", an organisation with 180+ artists ( it looks like painting is THE hobby to have in Eastbourne) and with a long history ( created in 1946). SEA organises art exhibitions a few times a year and provides a splendid environment for people to connect and meet like minded souls. For more informations have a look at

Hashim Akib and an art demonstration to remember


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