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I don't know how you all are my darlings but when I like something, I just want to speak about that IT with as many people as possible. So a few weeks ago when Helena, my talented Flamenco teacher asked me whether I would like to organise a little event after our weekly class and to talk about my art and my story I said a very big and loud YES.

Why? Because art helped me survive traumatic moments in my life, because art continues to help me, motivate me, helps me thrive in a different country, different culture, because art helps me connect with remarkable human beings and so much more.

Whenever I speak in front of an audience I like to bring some of the paintings from my series "Art from the soul". Each painting has a story, each story tells a bit of my life, a bit of my past, present and undoubtedly the future.

I was extremely happy to tell my flamenco dancing partners a bit about Romania, my country of origin, about the way we all grew up, about the lessons I've learned, about coming to England, about freedom, inner freedom.

Inner freedom is that something that allows you to be who you really are, to articulate what you really want to do, be, achieve.

After a delicious set of nibbles prepared with love by Helena my audience had a bit of a surprise ... I wanted to give them all what is called a "taster" of art - I wanted them all to express their feelings on paper for a couple of minutes.

Much to my joy they all joined in and laughter, joy and giggles could be heard at every corner of the room. This sound was like music to my ears. It definitely was a good evening judging by the smiley faces leaving the room with their own flambuoyant piece of "flamenco on paper".

Our flamenco classes take place every Tuesday evening at the Venus Bar in Eastbourne.

About flamenco, art and healing - a talk

About flamenco, art and healing - a talk

About flamenco, art and healing - a talk

About flamenco, art and healing - a talk


Louisa Dubois

Great post and what a surprise for the flamenco ladies!

Robyn Daniels

Glad it was such a success and fun and you are spreading the word about so many life enhancing things xx


Thank you so much Louisa Dubois and Robyn Daniels for your words. It was such a joyful event!

Much love!


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