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I have to confess .. I'm passionate about books. I really am. And I also need to admit that living in England is an absolute heaven from the point of view of finding affordable books.  The other day while browsing in a second hand book shop I came across a whole shelf full of art related books published by Taschen. What can I say I felt like a kid in a sweets shop. When I saw the prices my soul started to sing  a very happy song. 



I did buy quite a handful,  much to the delight of the shop assistant and I've started to read the one about Joan MIRO. I have to admit .... tastes do change and years ago when I came across Miro for the first time I took notice, tried briefly to understand but went back to artists in who's presence  I felt safe. Time went by, I moved on from being a viewer and became a doer :) as well and things started to shift in my mind and soul. 

Suddenly I felt attracted by paintings and artists with a message, by paintings exploring feelings, by the artists ready to find their own voice, prepared to break away from tradition and conformity. 

I can relate to Miro in many ways including the way he uses his imagination, symbolism, colours but also the way he speaks about books - "In the room that serves as my studio I always have books and I read during the breaks in my work. This demands a constant spiritual vibration to me". 


When one reads such books one realises that art is fluid and artists go through various styles, searching for their own voice, experimenting and opening new avenues. This is what I believe in with a passion... that experimenting is OK, is even beneficial, that being comfortable in one style can lead to boredom and creative blockages. 

My favourite paintings by Miro are the ones in "The Constellations" series" (the 2 paintings accompanying this blog entry are from this series). The series were shown in New York in 1945 - the first new European paintings to be shown in New York for some time) and they made quite an impact among the artists and public. Apparently, this exhibition changed the work of Arshile Gorky and Jackson Pollock





Do have a look at the following website www.joanmiro.com  and enjoy the experience! 





Excellent Corina - submit this for publication. I agree the Taschen books are excellent. My favourite painters are Modigliani (I love portraits and he famously said "For me the landscape does not exist" - although I believe he did paint one - not memorable so obviously his heart was not in it and people were his fascination)and Klimt - all that decadent gold and a graphic artist's dream of pattern-making. Sadly I got rid of a lot of my art books before leaving UK - good to know they are recycled to art lovers via second-hand book and charity shops to appreciative art-lovers.


Taschen... oh my, it has been ages since I have heard of it and I have already visualized a book or two from Jane P. I love you write again! xx


Oh yes Simona Jane was on my mind when I saw the publishing house as well and the bookstore NOI in Bucharest where I got most of my art books from when I lived in Romania. Happy memories my friend. I seem to have the urge to write again and I can feel the book I've been thinking to write bubbling inside me .....:) writing just like painting helps me process my emotions and heal! Many hugs!


My dear, dear Robyn thank you so much for your heartfelt words. Just like you I love Modigliani especially because I can feel his unique voice speaking through his paintings. Klimt I appreciate a lot because of his unique way of using symbols and doodling :) plus the gold ....oh yes! There was also an interesting closeness to the world of psychology and Freud and Jung which I also find intriguing :) as for submitting my article for publishing ....what a lovely idea .....to the art related magazines? I'm definitely considering this idea ....actually ...why not? Such a shame you did not keep some of your art books :( much love!

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