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Beanzz Cafe or saying yes to opportunities

"There is an invisible, infinite part of ourselves that I call soul. The soul is our spiritual core; it is the divine spark of life that always was and forever will be. Think of this spark as a light that burns brightly within you. This is the essence of who are, and it is contained in each breath you take." - James van Praagh

The soul ... paints, sings, laughs, cries, hopes, celebrates .... is deep and passionate and remembers .....

When I paint, I paint with and from the soul, I paint what I feel and I listen to what my soul wants to "talk" about through the paints and brushes. I don't know about you but I find that painting is my way of saying OLE like in flamenco. The other day I was watching some amazing flamenco dancers and singers. I loved their capacity to express their emotions with their faces, voices, hand gestures, uninhibited, free, proud!

Although I am mortified to let myself go and dance from the soul or sing from the soul ... I can ... paint from the soul and I cannot tell you guys how liberating it feels.

A few days ago I was invited to exhibit in a local coffee shop. My logical brain started to whisper wildly ... no way, you cannot, it's not enough time, they might not like your paintings and so on ... luckily my soul was wide awake and took over the conversation saying a very big YES.

So, boys and girls ... you are invited to enjoy a cup of coffee in Eastbourne, at the Beanzz Cafe, and starting with today, December 4th, 2012 until January 15th, 2013 see my paintings as well.

The paintings ... are coming from the soul.

Love and light to you all!

Beanzz Cafe or saying yes to opportunities

Beanzz Cafe or saying yes to opportunities

Beanzz Cafe or saying yes to opportunities



Love it! The summer ones and the beautiful monoprints! Well done, Corina, my dear!

Robyn Daniels

I'm sure your paintings will be much enjoyed and appreciated - they breath life onto the white walls Corina. I'm sure there will be many more such exhibitions and many who will want to buy and take a little of your 'life force' home to grace their own walls and remind them that life is for living and is full of colour and emotion. xx

Lisa Griffen

Wonderful! I'm so happy for you, Corina!


Simona my friend thank you so much for your comment. Big hugs!


My dear, dear Robyn, your words ..... are magical you know that! I'm always happy when I can connect with the people through the colours and the shapes that come from my soul. I believe the whole world would be a softer, kinder place if we would all give ourselves permission to express our emotions, to deal with them, to transform them in creative energy! Many hugs from rainy :) England!


Lisa my lovely what a joy you've had the time to read my piece and see the photos. Thank you so much!


oh how awesome you are and all your paintings. i wish i could visit your lovely area.


morningdove my darling HOW AMAZING to hear from you! AMAZING! I wish you were here as well! One day .... one day ... many hugs!


Your work looks great in that space! Congratulations, Corina :-)


Dana my darling thank you soooo much for your words. I have to say ... i loved the space as well!

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