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Mandalas, Mandalas, Mandalas


Carl Jung recognized the healing power of mandalas. Tibetan Buddhists use mandalas as part of the spiritual tradition. The Navajos construct sand mandalas for their healing rituals and then they imbibe them with spiritual power. Dalai Lama believes that when a mandala is constructed, something in the atmosphere changes and peace, yes peace, is created.

But what is a mandala? Mandalas are sacred circles,they are symbols of healing and wholeness ............ mandalas .......... facilitate self-discovery.

You can find them in nature ............ have a look at a rose, or orchid or any other flower, pay attention to the spider's web, the shells on a beach, the moon, the sun .......... the list is endless.

The truth is that anybody can create a mandala, as complex or as simple as you want it to be.  Wheather you are on the beach enjoying the sunshine, or in the garden sipping a cup of tea,or on the train commuting, commuting ...... or in a boring meeting ...........take a piece of paper with you, a pen ........ and have a go .......... start your mandala today.

But what can possibly do a mandala for you? The process of drawing or paining a mandala is actually a deep meditative process, it brings along calmness, relaxation of the body and mind open the door to that part of you where intuition and creativity are at home.

Earlier today I just felt the need to take a break from my daily work. I felt stressed and overwhelmed, in need for peace and focus. This is why I started a mandala ....... to give my logical brain a break. The result is this one


You can ask questions while working on your mandala, write down the answers that come to your mind .............. because you will receive some answers ..........and .... the beauty of this process is that there is no need to finish your mandala in one session. You can come back to it whenever you want. If you would like to see a fascinating demonstration have a look:


And because I've been interested in mandalas for quite a while, I came across a fascinating website and a programme dedicated to mandalas. Do check it out if you would like to join a group of mandala "aficionados"! You will not regret! The facilitator is Barbara Hagerty. She is a real sweetheart!

 Enjoy the experience!


Simona Mihai

Waw, indeed Mandalas are in nature and the people of the old knew it, or just did it. The show above reminds me of the old customs in the country where women were sewing their beddings, their shirts and skirts with models growing and growing into richness of shapes and forms, even the men's leather belts in the country were a thing of pride, they also hand-decorated their plates and their wooden cuttlery, and ended all with hand-decorating eggs for Easter. It is a beautiful idea that you shared. And thank you, it helps me into going on with my journey.


Oh Simona you are so right! I completely forgot about the old customs in our country! And if I remember correctly women used to meet and sew together, paint eggs together, do all sort of creative activities as a group. Their creativity was a practical one ..........very down to earth. .........a constant feature in these groups were the stories and the storytellers as well! How strange that now, we are sort of re-inventing the wheel! So so happy you find this useful. Do post some of your creative projects. I would love to see them! Invite your lovely child to participate! :o) Blessings!

Barbara Hagerty

This is beautiful, Corina! Thank you for sharing the information about Making Mandalas on your blog!

Barbara Hagerty

Hi again! I've just re-blogged your wonderful post and have given you a big shout out with links to your blog at ArtipyTheSoul! You can see the post here:
Thanks again for your great post on Mandalas! So good, I just had to share! XOXO


Dear Barbara,

Thank you so much for your generous words! I'm so thrilled that you re-blogged my post! HIP!HIP! HURRAY! I look forward to continuing the Mandala journey with you! Many blessings! :o)

Simona Mihai

Yes, yes Corina! They used to meet together in those long winter days when they had it all in the barns.... They kept themselves busy, shared their stories, sometimes even men joined them after work in storytelling or playing the flute while the women were working. I know this because my grandma was one of the last generations to weave her own wool, and sew her own things before it all disappeareed. And of course grandpa, he was one of the greatest storytellers! I remember I learned to do part of it at school, and sewing I loved it- you concentrate only in following the model and of course you come out of this refreshed and happy - that given by accomplishing something of beauty and color.

Simona Mihai

Thank you Corina for the invitation on sharing my and my child's start and progress in creating Mandalas. It can be the start to a new tradition, to something very good. It will take a while but we sure can make it. Very colorful, sparkly and intriguing your Mandala.
As for those guys that were the first to invent the wheel, yes they were practical, the concept in Europe - Art for the sake of Art - is a very new one (late 1800's), the same as going for a walk (started in France by a poet "given to melancholy" as they characterized him in the time) and the same with children looked at as children and not adults in miniature wearing adult clothes in smaller sizes (maybe have a look at Brueggel paintings). And to mention us Women - still new on the map.
So it is a new Era as in your fav book We are the ones.... and we can be happy to have access to opportunities and risks others would not have even dreamed about. X


Hello hello and a big thank you for your suggestions. Yes I will have a look at Brueggel. As for the other remark...the truth is that the English, French, Russian, Romanian writers of the 19th century describe people taking walks .... many times while recovering from various illnesses. How interesting that nowadays, long walks are recommended for people under stress. And melancholy sounds so much better than depression doesn't it!?
Oh yes my lovely ....... we are the ones and boy I encourage you and other women to make the best of it! Why? Because we CAN! That's why!
And the mandala ...... it is fascinating to observe how the right brain takes over while drawing, painting it ........ and in the end you can even identify some animals, or letters ...... coming from ... nowhere! :o) I will post a few more examples. I've done 2 today while on the train to Brighton and back! Hugs!


Thank you so much for sharing the story about your grandparents ...... yes ......these memories should be tresured and shared! Having these memories is a priviledge! A priviledge indeed! Now my dear is your turn to replicate those activities your own way! It's your turn to inspire your lovely kid! :o)

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